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2022 Holiday Attack Camp

This years Holiday Attack Camp will feature Olympic Silver Medalist, and PINnacle Co-owner, Brandon Paulson showing attacks from the feet! 

Date: December 27th
Time: 9AM-4PM(drop-off after 8:30, pick-up by 4:15)
Cost: $80

PINnacle Summer Series 2022

2022 PINnacle Summer Series is back!

Our Summer Technique Series is a once a week program for High School and Youth wrestlers during the summer. Our summer series is folkstyle wrestling and will teach the Pinnacle Wrestling system. Summer is a great time to get on the mat and make gains. 

  • Cost - $175
  • Dates - June 14th - August 16th
  • Youth 6:00-7:10 PM Tuesday
  • High School 7:15-8:25 PM on Tuesdays
  • Unfortunately we have had wrestlers in the past sign up, but not pay, so you are not considered registered until you are paid. We will process a payment at the end of the month you register and before the camp.

2022 Camp Week I - 4 days of Camps -Leg Riding, Attacks, Cradle, Scramble


July 25th Leg Riding Camp

The Leg Riding Camp is back for it's 4th straight year. This year it will only be 1 day, so we will be moving fast. Saddle, cross body, and scoring when your opponent is flat will be covered. Time to punish your opponent.

July 26th Throw Camp

Be dangerous! Learn how to throw feet to back. Use your hips to create offense, and defense. Hip-tosses are always advisable! Throws will be useable in all 3 styles of wrestling.

July 27th Russian 2on1 and Underhook Camp
Learn to keys to a successful 2on1 Russian tie, and underhook for better offense and defense. Brandon Paulson will show you attacking legs, defense to shots, and dominating position from the 2on1 and underhook position.

July 28th Scramble Funk Camp

There is technique to scrambling! Base defense is always first, but knowing scramble techniques are also important. This class will teach you some of the newest techniques when it comes to secondary defense.

Cost: $80 per day

Times: 9AM-4PM (Drop-off after 8:30, Pick-up by 4:15PM)

NOTES- For all camps please bring a water bottle, and a bag lunch. Ages are 9-18. Ages are firm. 



Due to our first two weeks of camp selling out, we have added 2 more days of camps August 2nd and 3rd. 


Attacks from the feet! Setting up your opponents through motion and ties to attack legs. This camp will go over inside position, elbow ties, and moving your opponents head to get to singles, doubles, kneepulls, and hic's! Bring a bag lunch and water bottle
TIME: 9AM-4PM(Drop-off after 8:30, pick-up by 4:15PM
DATE: August 2nd
AGE: 9-18
COST: $80


Combination of our Top wrestling camps! One session each of Tilts, Cradles, and Leg Riding will be taught. Learn to be a monster on top!  Bring a bag lunch and water bottle.

TIME: 9AM-4PM(Drop-off after 8:30, pick-up by 4:15PM
DATE: August 3rd
AGE: 9-18
COST: $80

2022 Camp Week II - 4 days of Camps - Low Single and Knee Pull, Tilts and Turns, Cradle, Front Head


August 8th Low Single and Knee Pulls
Jared will be going over his specialty, Knee-pulls, and Low single basics, set-ups, and finishes . We will start basic, and then get into hi-level technique.

August 9th Tilts N Turns
Scoring points on top! Learn how to increase your lead fast by tilting and turning your opponent. This camp will go over cross wrist rolls, bar wrist tilts, and more!

August 10th Cradle Camp

Our Cradle Camp is back with Cradle King 3 Time NCAA All American Mack Reiter. Not only will we be doing Cradles from the top position, but also from neutral when somebody is in on your leg! 

August 11th Front Head and Reattack Camp

Learn to score from the important front head lock position, along with reattacking your opponent from his shot or a snap. This is one of the most important postions in wrestling that is often forgotten about.

All Camps will be 9AM-4PM

Tuition is $80 per day, bring a bag lunch