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2020 Camp Week II - 4 days of Camps - Tilt N Turn, Leg Riding, Escapes and Reversals, Low Single

August 3rd Tilts N Turns
Scoring points on top! Learn how to increase your lead fast by tilting and turning your opponent. This camp will go over cross wrist rolls, bar wrist tilts, and more!

August 4th Leg Riding II
The Leg Riding Camp is back for it's 4th straight year. This class will show different techniques than the first class as well as expand on the first class.

August 5th Escapes/Reversals II
You have to get out from bottom to win! This 2nd day of Escape camp we will be working leg riding defense, cup cover, and hand control 

August 6th Low Single 
How low can you go? Low single basics, set-ups, and finishes will be covered in this camp. We will start basic, and then get into hi-level technique.

All Camps will be 9AM-2:30PM

Tuition is $60 per day, bring a bag lunch


2020 Camp Week - 4 days of Camps - Throws, Leg Riding, Escapes and Reversals, Cradle

July 27th Throw Camp

Olympic Silver Medalist, and PINnacle Co-Owner, Brandon Paulson will be throwing wrestlers around in this camp.  A variety of feet to back throws will be shown, and different positions taught. Time for some fun!

July 28th Leg Riding Camp

The Leg Riding Camp is back for it's 3rd straight year. This year it will only be 1 day, so we will be moving fast. Saddle, cross body, and scoring when your opponent is flat will be covered. Time to punish your opponent.

July 29th Escapes and Reversals

Have to get out of bottom to win. Specific areas we will work on will be stopping the chop, quad pod, switching hips, and leg ride defense

July 30th Cradle Camp

Our Cradle Camp is back with Cradle King 3 Time NCAA All AmericanMack Reiter. Not only will we be doing Cradles from the top position, but also from neutral when somebody is in on your leg! 

Cost: $60 per day

Times: 9AM-2:30PM (Drop-off after 8:30, Pick-up by 3:00PM)

NOTES- For all camps please bring a water bottle, and a bag lunch. Ages are 10-18. Ages are firm. 


PINnacle Fundamentals Camp

Come learn the fundamentals for PINnacle Wrestling from all positions.  Come learn the ties, motion, and techniques that have proved to be successful.

DATE:August 10th, 11th 2019
TIME: 9AM-2PM, drop-off at 8:45, pickup by 2:15
AGES: 7-12
COST: $120

Please bring a water bottle and a bag lunch.


2020 Attack Camp- Ties and Space

Attack Camp - One day of Underhooks and 2on1's, another day of attacks from space

  New this year is the PINnacle Attack Camp. One of PINnacle Wrestling's strength is the ability to wrestle from ties, and wrestle from space. NCAA D1 Champion Jared Lawrence, and Olympic Silver Medalist Brandon Paulson will be running this camp. The first day will be position, and scoring from Underhooks, and 2on1's. The second day will be shots from space, including motion, setups, and finishes of Low singles, blast doubles, knee-pulls, and regular single legs. This is a high level camp for experienced wrestlers.

PINnacle Attack Camp 

  • 9:00AM -2:30PM, pickup by 3:00PM, drop off after 8:30AM
  • July 8th, 9th
  • $150
  • At PINnacle - 2280 Terminal Rd Roseville, MN  55113
  • Ages 10-18(firm)

PINnacle Summer Series

2020 PINnacle Summer Series is unfortunately cancelled due to COVID-19

Our Summer Technique Series is a once a week program for High School and Youth wrestlers during the summer. Our summer series is folkstyle wrestling, run by Camp Director Jake Short, and other staff members to be determined. We will have 2 different day options for  youth, and 1 for high school. 

  • Cost - $135
  • Dates - June 8th - August 10th
  • Monday(Youth and Middle School)(ages 8-14),  or Tuesdays for youth(7-12), Tuesday only for High School(12-19)
  • Times - Youth 6:00-7:00 PM Monday and Tuesday, High School 7:05-8:05 PM on Tuesdays
  • Unfortunately we have had wrestlers in the past sign up, but not pay, so you are not considered registered until you are paid. We will process a payment at the end of the month you register and before the camp.

2019 Holiday Shots and AttackCamp

Our Annual Holiday Camp is back this year! Shots and attacks from the feet will be the focus this year. Get on the mat during the Holiday season!

TIME: 9AM-4PM (dropoff at 8:30, pickup by 4:15PM)

DATE: 12/30

COST: $75

AGES: 8-14(Firm)