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High School Full Season Programs

Full Season High School Programs 2023-2024

HS Silver - Sundays from September 10th - May 14th, From May 15th-Fargo(around July 6th) you can pick one day a week to come to practice. NOTE: HS Silver Sunday practices will be early this year, but will not be at the same time as HS Gold or HS Platinum.

HS Gold - Includes HS preseason Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, and HS Postseason. September 12th-July 6th(approximate, whenever MN Fargo camp starts). HS Gold does not include HS During Season program

HS Platinum - All programs which include HS Preseason Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, HS During Season, and HS Postseason. September 11th-July 6th(approximate, whenever MN Fargo camp starts)


HS Full Season Prices

HS Platinum - $2000 (10 payments of $200) 1 payment upon registration, then 9 more starting September 1st

HS Gold - $1750 (10 payments of $175)

HS Silver - $1400 (10 payments of $140)