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High School Full Season Programs

Full Season High School Programs 2017-2018

HS Silver - Sundays from September 10th - End of May, in the summer you can pick one day a week to come to practice

HS Gold - Includes HS preseason Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, and HS Postseason.

HS Platinum - All programs which included HS Preseason Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, HS During Season, and HS Postseason


HS Full Season Prices

HS Platinum - $1800 ($1900 if paying monthly) 

HS Gold - $1600 ($1700 if paying monthly)

HS Silver - $1275 ($1375 if paying monthly)

Here are the savings for signing up full season

HS Platinum - Sunday Preseason only($325) + HS Preseason($630) + HS During Season($350)  + HS Postseason($795) = $2100 - savings of $300

HS Gold - Sunday Preseason only($325) + HS Presason($630) + HS Postseason($795) = $1750 - Savings of $150