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High School Postseason

High School Postseason

High School Postseason -               LINK TO REGISTRATION

Last year was another successful year of Freestyle and Greco. We had 2 Wrestlers win World Titles, 3 World Medals, 4 Pan Am Championships, and many National Titles!

All Full year members will be able to choose a practice time. Those that are signing up for High School Post Season will be in the 6:40PM class on Tuesday and Thursdays, and will have a choice on Sundays.  We may decide to assign class times for all 3 days for March.  

Train with us for 4 months for less than the price of many 1 week camps!

Schedule - March 14th - July 1st (depending on start of Cadet/Junior National Freestyle/Greco camp)

March 15th through Northern Plains(May) 
Calendar will be on the front page of the website. We sometimes have tournaments, or Holidays, etc. So times do vary
Sundays 1:00PM and 2:45PM 

Tuesday and Thursdays - 5:00PM for HS Gold and HS Platinum, 6:40PM HS Post Season members and HS Gold and Platinum that play spring sports or wish to go to that class.

June/July(after school is out)
We are planning on Monday evenings from 6PM-7:30PM, and Tuesday and Thursday at 9AM up until Cadet/Junior Fargo Camp

All schedules are subject to change. On occasion, we may only have 2 practices week, depending on our schedule and the wrestlers schedule. Summer does vary as well with Team Duals and Camps.

This is for grades 9-12. 7th and 8th graders should be varsity wrestlers, otherwise they should be in our youth program. This is an advanced class meant for high level wrestlers.

Tournaments we are expecting to be coaching

U20, U17, U15 World Team Trials in Vegas in April

PNL - Pennsylvania - Memorial Weekend

Northern Plains - Rochester, May

Fargo Cadet and Junior Nationals July

HS Postseason - $840 - 2023

  - If the state shuts down youth sports, or we have to cancel practices due to COVID, we will guarantee that wrestlers will have 30 practices.  If we have less than 30 we will refund families according to the amount of practices missed. In a normal year, we have between 35-45 practices.  There is no refund if you drop out of the program. This class is non-refundable unless an injury occurs and an athlete is unable to participate in 30 practices.  If there is an injury, we will prorate your tuition but will consider anything over 30 practices as a full season.