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High School Postseason

High School Postseason

High School Postseason - 

It was a successful summer last year with 9 World Team members, and 2 World champions(Zach Silvis and Tyler Wells),  to go along with 7 Junior/Cadet National titles, and 26 All-American titles earned at the Cadet and Junior National Freestyle and Greco tournaments.  The first 3 weeks we will continue to train for the USAW Folkstyle Nationals, but also have some options for Freestyle and Greco.   After USAW Folkstyle nationals, all our focus will be on Free and Greco. Our Tuesday and Thursday main practices will focus on freestyle, but will have some additional greco training before our regular practices and on occasion as a choice on Thursdays, on many Sundays we will have an option of Freestyle or Greco.  Practice times will be 5:00 and 6:40 on Tuesday and Thursday through the 1st or 2nd weekend of May and then change to one practice at 6:00(if numbers allow the change to one practice). Practice times for Sundays will be 1:30PM and 7PM.  Summer practices will mainly be in the morning. Our schedule does change depending on what tournaments are going on, holidays, etc..

Train with us for 4 months for less than the price of many 1 week camps!



Sundays 1:30PM or 7:00PM

Tuesday and Thursdays - 5:00(High School Gold and Platinum only) 6:40 PM HS Post season and some Gold/Platinum


Days vary-Between 2 and 4 days a week mostly at 9-10:45, a couple could be at 6-7:30PM

All schedules are subject to change. On occasion, we may only have 2 practices week, depending on our schedule and the wrestlers schedule.

This is for grades 9-12. 7th and 8th graders should be varsity wrestlers, otherwise they should be in our youth program.

Tournaments we are expecting to be coaching at-

U20, U17 World Team Trials in Vegas in April

U15 Pan Am Trials Vegas April

Possible- Journeyman in April, Flonationals in June

Northern Plains - Rochester, May

Fargo Cadet and Junior Nationals July

HS Postseason - $825 - 2021