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Registration important information-Registration is Open!

By Brandon Paulson, 05/11/18, 1:00PM CDT


Public registration will open for the 2018-2019 season is open. Information and prices are now up-to-date on the Youth and High School pages.

Important information:

YOUTH - Youth Programs, Schedules, Information

Below is important to understand about our program.

You may register for whichever program you would like to be in.  We will then decide who is in the elite group and/or which pre-elite group you qualify for.  Due to the demand for the elite group, ride sharing will not be considered for entry into this group.   We will have 3 different Pre-Elite groups which will be split up by age and ability. Some tryouts may be in August, and others may be the first couple weeks of practice.  Youth wrestlers are considered 1st-8th grade.  

The $100 non-refundable(after July 1st) down payment deposit will be part of the tuition fee. We have two different tuition amounts, the amount for paying monthly is $100 more than paying in full.  

Reminder- Even if you are paying monthly, full tuition is due.  We are not a "partial" season program.

All wrestlers paying monthly are required to have a credit card(or bank account) on file which will be automatically charged if we have not received payment by the 5th of the month. Monthly payments start on August 1st.  If you aren't comfortable with having a credit card online, please email us, and we have a different option for you that will include late fees for late payments.



HIGH SCHOOL -   High School Programs, Schedules, Information  

Below is answers to common questions.

High School Platinum and Gold members will be in the 5:30PM class for the Preseason and Postseason. Email us if this doesn't work. We don't have "monthly" tuition. Whatever class you sign up for, the whole tuition is due. We do have monthly payments to help you split it up. . For the High School Preseason, and Full Season members, payments will start in August. All wrestlers not paying in full must have a credit card on file.

If you are in 7th and 8th grade, you must be a varsity level athlete, and varsity level size. We suggest our youth program for those that aren't.