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  • For all Camps, and Summer Series payment is due upon registration(unless you have a full year member who is paying monthly, we will then add it to your monthly bill)
  • If you are registering for one of our High School classes, or full year youth classes, 1 month tuition will be processed after registration. 
  • All accounts will be monthly tuition payments unless agreed upon with PINnacle beforehand.
  • For all full year programs, 1 month tuition is processed after registration, and 9 more months of tuition will start September 1st. We will split up fall(3 payments) and spring seasons(4 payments) 

New Customers

For new Customers please click on the link below.  This will bring you to a list of class offerings, click on one of the classes to register. 

Existing Customers

For existing Customers, click on the PINnacle image below.  This will bring you to the jackrabbit customer portal where you can register for classes, and make payments. 

JackRabbit Customer Portal