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PINnacle Athletic Club Sponsors

Thank you to all the sponsors of the PINnacle Athletic Club(PAC). PAC is a 501 C3 organization. PAC helps in reducing costs to athletes in PINnacle by assisting in travel costs of extra coaches to National Tournaments, assisting families/coaches to athletes going to World Tournaments, and other assistance to athletes at National Tournaments.

PAC Sponsors


I & S Contracting - Isaiah Eide (father of Isaiah Eide)

TC Homes - Jason Tutt (father of Emmett Tutt)

Kevin Berge Builders - Kevin Berge (father of Brady and Bennett Berge)

J Lewis Building and Remodeling - Clint Wester (father of Jed Wester)

LS Black Constructors - Brandon Davis (father of Kyan Davis)

Flooring - Chad LeMair - (father of Curtis LeMair)

Plumbing - Jason Elsmore (father of Lauren, Michael, Jacob Elsmore)

Thompson Construction (Concrete) (father of Isaac, Levi, Caleb, and Julia Thompson) 

Torgies Drywall - Mike Torgerson - (father of Noah Torgerson)

24 Restore - Derek West (father of Austin West)

Twin Property Maintenance - Reid Ballantyne (past pinnacle wrestler)


Real Estate

Morgan and Trust Realty - Marty Morgan (father of Rowan, Mannix, Quin Morgan)

We Sell U Save - Todd Hanson - (father of Zach Hanson)

Vaith Realty - Grant Vaith - (Father of Tom Vaith)

Platinum Bank - Brett Lawrence (Brother of Jared Lawrence and father of Tayden Lawrence)

Legacy Capital - Victor Gliva - (past pinnacle wrestler and coach)



Triage Wellness Institute - Jim Buesgens (father of Koy Buesgens)

Genesis Chiropractic - Erik Han-Lindemeyer (Father of Aiden, Cole and Blake Han-Lindemeyer)

Body Rejuv - Josh McLain (past pinnacle wrestler and our strength coach)

Twin Cities Orthopedics - Jay Kruse (father of Joe and Cy Kruse)

Wellhaven Pet Health - Jenni Jones (father of Brent and Tyler Jones)



Relax Sight and Sound - Tom Heimer (Long time friend of Brandon Paulson)

Indycor IT Services - Randy Volk (father of Jore Volk)



Genesis Group Homes - Jay Freshour (father River Freshour)

Hegenes Properties - Ryan Sather (father of Will Sather)



State Farm - Ashkan Morvari (father of Brandon and Tanner Morvari)



Perfect Forms - Brian Bishof (father of Brendan, Brice and Bo Bishof)


Mississippi Pub - Joe Harms (father of Preston Harms)


Tabor PR - Matthew Tabor - (father of Bennett Tabor)


MN #1 - Mark Christiansen also with Cargill (father of Marco Christiansen

Milwaukee Tools - Joe Galli

Cargill - David Webster (father of Owen, Sam, and Charlie Webster)