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Cave Man and Tuff Guy

Starter classes

Purpose of this class is to create young athletes and improve eye-hand coordination, core muscles, and get them familiar with wrestling positions.  We want these kids to have fun with wrestling, and also learn the discipline needed to move up to the pre-elite class in the future.  We will be starting out with many games and agility exercises and move into wrestling positions as they learn how to move their feet and hands.


This program is for ages 4-5 year old. (10 kids maximum) This class we will focus more on drills and position than actual moves.  Without the right position every move becomes much more difficult. Once the position is down the moves are much more successful. This class will be 50 minutes long consisting of flexiblity, wrestling coordination, explosion, drills, gymnastics, posiition based technique, basic level techniques, strength and of course some FUN. Parents are not allowed in the room.  If there is a problem with a kid we will let the parents know. Parents are not allowed in the room during this class.


This program is a step above Tuff Guy and a pre-cusor to our Monday night Pre-Elite program.  You have to be 5 years old prior to the start of the class. The class is 1 hr long.  There will be 20 min athletic training, plyos, gymnastics mixed with 40 min of drilling and wrestling.  We will be teaching basic moves and positions needed for Pre-Elite Monday group. Parents are not allowed in the room during this class. 

Winter Schedule 2018

Cave Man/Tuff Guy 5:00-5:45 PM

January 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd

Off 30th

February 6th, 13th