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Youth Elite

PINnacle Youth Elite

Elite Program

The Elite program will have options of 1, 2, and 3 practices a week with our Gold, Platinum, and Diamond programs.  If you are going to be wrestling for your High School team please email us, as we will have some options for you.  We suggest wrestling in the Youth group if you are in 7th and 8th grade, and will not be wrestling varsity.  It is our opinion that most 7th graders are not ready for HS Wrestling, and that 7th and 8th graders should still be focused on development.  This group is meant for development, instead of the high school class which is meant for preparing for the upcoming season.


Sept 9th-June 3rd

  • Silver schedule Sundays
  • 20-25 Platinum practices on Monday
  • 20-25 additional Wednesdays 
  • MEA Camp 
  • Greco Mondays in the spring
  • Also the first to be invited to special practices, cabin camp,  travel camps if we do them, and dual meet tournaments.


Platinum -                                                                                                                           
Sept 9th-June 3rd

  • Silver schedule Sundays
  • 20-25 Monday practices through the Folkstyle season                                                                                                                          


Sept 9th – June 3rd Sunday only


Elite Pricing

  • Elite Diamond - $2200 ($2300 if paying monthly)
  • Elite Platinum - $1725 ($1825 if paying monthly)
  • Elite Silver - $1250 ($1350 if paying monthly)

Elite Schedule - Fall - 

  • Sundays - 5:00PM-6:45PM
  • Mondays - 7:10PM-8:35PM (when we have this practice)
  • Wednesday - 5:45PM - 7:15PM (could be 7-8:30PM)

All times are subject to change. We will have an online calendar for you to follow as our schedule does change from month to month.