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High School Wrestling

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2024-2025 Public Registration opens May 15th

The mission of PINnacle wrestling is to implement the highest quality of training, technique, and work ethic into each individual wrestler. Our goal is for each of our athletes to reach their full potential. These sessions are for advanced high school wrestlers who seek the highest quality in technique, hard wrestling, and mental training. We will focus on preparing high school wrestlers for the future; implementing hard work, self discipline, sacrifice, dedication, and most of all, commitment .

Note- We do allow  8th graders into our High School program, but they must be mature enough to handle High School type practices and should be varsity wrestlers, otherwise they can should be in our youth program. We reserve the right to refuse a wrestler who is not prepared for our program.

2024- 2025 was another great year with 23 High School State Champions, 20 Men and 3 women! congrats to these wrestlers for achieving their goals. 

Reminder- Even if you are paying monthly, full tuition is due.  We are not a pay as you go program. Full tuition is due even if you drop out as we fill up every year.

All wrestlers paying monthly are required to have a credit card(or bank account) on file which will be automatically charged if we have not received payment by the 5th of the month.  If you aren't comfortable with having a credit card online, please email us, and we have a different option for you that will include late fees for late payments.

All times are subject to change, and do change from a month to month basis.

Tuition paid is for practices at PINnacle. We do go to tournaments, which is funded by a 501C3 organization, Pinnacle Athletic Club. 

In the 2024-2025 season we will be coaching and training these high school wrestlers for national competitions.  PINnacle will be coaching at Premier National League Events, Super 32, U15 and U17, U20 World Team Trials, Northern Plains Cadets and Juniors, and Cadet and Junior Nationals. These tournaments are optional. They are recommended for wrestlers ready for national competitions.

Upon registration, 1 month tuition will be posted to the account. This will be processed with  the card on file on the 5th of the month after registration(assuming you are registering before the class starts). For the fall, the next payment will be in September. Full Year sessions are split up into 10 payments, while Partial Season(Pre-Season, During Season, Post Season) are split up into 3 payments. The first payment is non-refundable. Partial sessions are not available. Our High School sessions sell out, and once it starts the full tuition is due. 

High School News

11 Division 1 and 28 2024 Seniors wrestling at the next level

By Brandon Paulson 05/13/2024, 11:30am CDT